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Anyone who actually knows me in real life knows that I tend to overthink everything. This can cause me to get tired very easy at times. Anyways that seems to be happening right now.

Firstly I have been playing RIFT. Sadly I can only play new characters. If I try to play an older character I made then it freezes while loading. Turns out my laptop, which I thought could play the game, cannot play the game. My bad. So Im wasting money everyday I cannot play. However I am trying to get a job, and I might be getting one soon (hopefully). Though I plan on saving money for college I also might miss a semester, so I am thinking of getting a computer from Rent-a-Center. Then I can play RIFT past the beginning.

As for school. Next semester I am sighned up to take LGBT Studies. This has been a subject a multiple times in a class that changes it subject from one semester to another. However this will be the first time it will be offered as a class in itself. I was so happy I got to be in it the first semester they offered it, I mean how often does someone get that chance? However as it stands I won't have the money to go back next semester. So I am going back to a community college. I still might take next semester off, or just take a couple of classes. I am also thinking that, instead of going back to Western Michigan University, I will transfer to Grand Valley State University. If that happens I may switch Philosophy my minor and Psychology back as my major, while keeping Gender and Woman's Studies (Women and Gender Studies at GVSU) as my second major. I still want to study abroad at least one semester. I would love to go to Denmark. According to my dad my great-grandfather of his side of the family was originally from Denmark. So I want to try to learn more about Denmark and the culture there by expirencing it.


Strange Little Pixie
United States
I work full time on third shift. I am going to miss next semester so I can finish the probation periode at my job, then I will be going back at least part time to school. My goal is to, next fall, be going to Grand Valley State University.

I am not that much of an artist, but love art. It sucks because I have all these images and stories in my head that I wish I could draw, paint, or tell. The stories are easy to vocalize, but when I try to write it never comes out the way I want it to. I'm going to keep trying to write because it would suck if I am never able to show others some of the things that I see.

Also, I suck at grammer and spelling =(

Favourite cartoon character: Babs and Buster Bunny, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner
Personal Quote: Just because I'm no good at art does not mean that I can't love it!

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